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About hip hop & tacos

Hip Hop & Tacos is a national, Catholic musical and evangelization project, overseen by El Padrecito Ministries (Founder, Father Masseo Gonzales) and Hip Hop & Tacos Co-Founder Carlos “C2six” Zamora. These events, which target the young adult, often times urban community, have taken place in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Houston, Tampa Bay, Long Beach, with the most recent in the Downtown Arts District, Los Angeles, CA in August 2023. Catholic artists from inside and outside the country are flown in, locally-catered tacos are enjoyed, and a solid Hip Hop Concert, with DJ in place, takes place. Typically a Rosary, Benediction, and Adoration with the young adults in attendance sets the tone of the evening. Next event scheduled for Guadalupe, CA in February 2024. 

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January 29th, 2022 - Guadalupe, California

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